article index databases for art history research
note: to view any of these indexes off campus, you will need to set up a proxy server on your browser
the primary art indexes
journal articles indexes abbreviation indexes notes abstracts or full text
Art Abstracts/Art Fulltext/Art Index
AFT journal articles general on all areas of art history and design.
only indexes magazine articles
Includes abstracts and some full text.
Bibliography of the history of art BHA journal and book articles the most scholarly, but it doesn't include classical art. includes abstracts
Art Bibliographies Modern ABM journal and book articles art of the 20th century-present and all of photography includes brief abstracts
general indexes that are very useful
Lexis Nexis news newspapers national & international newspapers full text
Expanded Academic mags journal articles full range of magazine articles some full text - limited in art
JSTOR jstor journal articles It is generally best to go first to traditional art indexes for "Western" art (Europe, United States). In some cases jstor has titles that aren't covered by traditional art indexes - indicated below in the subject area.
article indexes - by subject
note-special emphasis below given to subjects inadequately covered by traditional art indexes, or to subjects with significant coverage in non-art databases
Aesthetics BHA, AFT
FRANCIS (International Humanities and Social Studies)
Philosophers Index
Africa jstor (choose "African studies")
Anthropology Plus
African Studies (some art)
also see ethnic-Americans
IIBP: International Index to Black Periodicals (some art)
Architecture Avery index to architectural periodicals
standard Western art history from medieval-present
BHA, AFT, ABM, mags, news
Asian art BHA, AFT, ABM
FRANCIS (International Humanities and Social Studies) (incomplete coverage)
Chicano/Latino art
also see ethnic-Americans
Chicano Database
Classical art

AFT, Avery (for classical architecture), BHA
Gnomon Online (in German)
jstor (choose "classical studies")
minimal: Anthropology Plus
Nestor: Bibliography of Aegean prehistory and Related Areas
Contemporary art AFT, ABM, news, mags, BHA
Ethnic-American art
(Native American, African American, Asian American, Jewish, Latino, etc)
America: History & Life
Arts & Humanities Citation Index
Ethnic News Watch
Alternative press index
AFT, ABM, BHA, news, mags, jstor
Gay & lesbian art
also see ethnic American art
Alternative press index
Latin American art
Arts & Humanities Citation Index
Anthropology Plus (Pre-Columbian)
jstor (choose "Latin American studies")

Native American art
also see ethnic American art

ABM, BHA, AFT (for "fine art," not "crafts" - all three), jstor (choose "folklore" & "American Indian studies" )
Anthropology Plus (historical, minimal contemporary)
Bibliography of Native North Americans (historical, not contemporary)
19th century US art 19th Century American Art Periodicals
Pre-Columbian Anthropology Plus (includes dictionary of Mayan writing)
Bibliografía Mesoamericana
Religious art
ATLA Religion Database (includes pre-columbian)
FRANCIS (International Humanities and Social Studies)
Index of Christian Art