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Geisel Library Revitalization Initiative

The Geisel Library Revitalization Initiative (GLRI) is a major effort to transform and revitalize the most heavily-used interior public spaces on Floors 1, 2, and 8 in Geisel Library–the university’s flagship building. To meet the evolving needs of 21st century students and scholars in an increasingly digital world, the Initiative sets out to dramatically enhance the user experience in Geisel by creating modern, technology-rich spaces that advance research and learning.

The Revitalization, which launched in July 2015, is being completed in multiple phases:

Phase 1: Audrey's Café and Lounge (located on Geisel’s main (2nd) Floor) – completed in May 2016

Phase 2: 8th Floor Renovationcompleted in September 2018

Phase 3.1: 2nd Floor Renovations – Planning in the 2018-19 academic year and construction projected to begin in the 2019-20 academic year

Future phases will be defined as Phase 3.1 takes shape.

Phase 3.1 - Transforming the 2nd Floor

Based on ongoing assessments of contemporary user needs and traffic patterns as well as feedback from UC San Diego students, faculty, and staff, the main (2nd) Floor of Geisel Library—the most active learning level in the building—is being redesigned to more effectively support the academic needs of our campus community.

2nd Floor renovation plans include:

  • Audrey's Café and Lounge Completed
  • Modernized lobby entrance and service points
  • New and enhanced technology services
  • Addition of an Active Learning Library Classroom
  • Significant enhancements to furniture, carpeting and finishes across Floor 2

Potential work in future phases include:

  • Digital Scholarship and Technology Center
  • Extensive upgrades to the existing East Commons, including the addition of a Technology Sandbox, an Active Learning Lab, and more group study rooms
  • Modern exhibition gallery
  • Seminar and multi-purpose rooms on Floor 1
  • Additional group study rooms on Floor 1
  • Dedicated faculty and graduate student reading room near the print collections on Floor 1
  • Refresh of furniture, carpeting and finishes across Floor 1