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COVID-19 Alert

Some services have been affected by COVID-19 pandemic.  Please see Library Services During COVID-19 for a complete list of available services.

Productivity Workstations (most of the library computers)

  • Require student, staff, or faculty login via Active Directory account.
  • Offer internet access and a full range of research and productivity software, including Microsoft Office.
  • Small selection of workstations available for non-affiliates via staff-mediated login in the West Commons (Geisel 2nd Floor) during posted hours.
  • WorkStations are updated and rebooted each night; any user data on the hard drive is erased. Save data on external media or the cloud, or email files.
  • All areas include both iMacs and Windows PCs.


  • East Commons (Geisel 2nd Floor)
  • West Commons (Geisel 2nd Floor)
  • Brody Collaborative Space (Geisel 1st Floor West)
  • Tunnel Computer Lab (Geisel 1st Floor)
  • Biomedical Library Building BLB Commons (1st Floor)

InfoStation Computers

  • Open to the public without login.
  • Offer internet access and Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
  • Major file formats are supported and printing, downloading, and e-mailing results are available.
  • Infostations are updated and rebooted each night; any user data on the hard drive is erased. Save data on external media or the cloud, or email files.
  • Windows PCs only.


  • Geisel Lobby (2nd Floor)
  • Biomedical Library Building Lobby (1st Floor)


Collection Look-up Stations

  • Intended for local collection look-up, not printing, Internet browsing, research, or productivity.
  • Located adjacent to book & journal collections at Geisel and BLB.
  • Offer access only to UC San Diego’s online catalog (Roger).
  • No productivity software, file saving, emailing, or printing.


  • Geisel Tower Floors 4 - 7
  • Geisel East near bookshelves (1st Floor)
  • Biomedical Library Building near bookshelves (2nd Floor)


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

  • Four docking stations are available in the East Commons (Geisel 2nd Floor) and 10 in the West Commons (Geisel 2nd Floor) for those bringing their own laptop, but who wish to use a full-size keyboard, monitor, and mouse.
  • One docking station is available in the BLB Graduate Study Room.
  • These stations offer various connections including VGA, DVI, HDMI, Displayport, and mini-Displayport (Apple thunderbolt) video hookups.
  • Many items to support BYOD activities (e.g., adapters and chargers) are available in the Tech Lending Program.

Tech Lending Program (TLP)

  • The TLP loans technology items like adapters, chargers, flash drives, and headphones to UC San Diego faculty, staff, and students.
  • Do a keyword search in Roger for the item you want, or search for "Tech Lending Program" for a browseable list. You can also view our inventory of media tools, chargers / cables / adapters, and productivity items.

Laptops for Checkout

  • The Library offers 14 laptops for 24-hour checkout to UC San Diego students, faculty and staff.
  • These Windows laptops provide wireless internet access and Microsoft Office applications.
  • Contact with questions.


Speciality Computing

  • Digital Media Lab (East Commons, Geisel 2nd Floor) is a multimedia production / postproduction studio.
  • Data & GIS Lab (West Commons, Geisel 2nd Floor) offers data and GIS software.
  • Speciality software workstation (West Commons, Geisel 2nd Floor).
    • BibleWorks
    • Powder Diffraction File
    • IUPAC Stability Constants Database
    • Korean Library Database

Questions or Problems?

  • Contact campus IT at or (858) 246-4357 for problems with campus computers or AD accounts.
  • Send general questions, comments, and suggestions to

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